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Kameron Hurley

Trained as a historian, her fiction focuses on a future of war and resistance movements. She has produced a vast oeuvre of science fiction and fantasy, translated into a dozen languages, and has been awarded many internationally prestigious prizes. Outstanding among these works are the famous trilogy, God’s War—of which only one book has been translated into Spanish (La guerra de dios, Editorial Cerbero, 2019)—and The Worldbreaker Saga. Among her other novels are The Stars Are Legion (in Spanish, Las estrellas son la legión, Alianza, 2017), which received the 2018 Ignotus prize for the best foreign novel, and The Light Brigade (in Catalan, La brigada lluminosa (Mai Més / Alianza, 2019), which explores the most bellicose science fiction to produce a critique of the present political system. Her stories and articles appear in magazines including Popular Science and Lightspeed. In 2013, her essay ‘We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative was the first non-fiction work to receive the Hugo Award for Best Novel. As an essayist, she is also author of the collection The Geek Feminist Revolution (in Spanish, La revolución feminista geek, Alianza Editorial, 2018), which received the Locus prize for Science Fiction and the British Fantasy Award for the best non-fictional work. In this collection, Hurley moves outside fiction to write about the invisibilisation of women, and the power relations that exist in the milieus of the fantastic genre and the literary world in general.

Update: 17 June 2021