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Juan Antonio Cerezuela

Visual artist and researcher

Juan Antonio Cerezuela (Cartagena, 1982), visual artist and researcher, has a PhD in Visual Arts and Intermedia and a degree in Fine Arts. He has written for research journals such as Art i Polítiques d’Identitat and participated in congresses such as ANIAV and VISIONA. He took curatorial studies at On Mediation, developing the project in collaboration with La Capella, and has carried out art and education projects in collaboration with El Prat art school and Torre Muntadas art centre.

His work addresses issues of narrative and fiction, and how stories are constructed and come to us. He has exhibited at Born CCM, Arts Santa Mònica, Fabra i Coats, Fundació Gabarrón (Murcia), CEART (Madrid), La Conservera (Murcia) and the MAC (A Coruña). In 2020 he received the ICARM grant and the La Escocesa experimentation grant. He was a finalist in the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize (2019) and won first prize in the Art Emergent Sabadell event (2017) and the La Rioja Young Artists Show (2015). He has been in residence at La Escocesa since 2018.

Update: 27 April 2021


Has participated in

Culturnautes 2021

The CCCB’s summer day camp