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Juan Abreu

Juan Abreu left Cuba in 1980 on board the Mariel. He began his literary output in exile in cites such as Miami, New York and San Francisco, and has continued in Barcelona, where he has lived since 1997.

He has published the novels A la sombra del mar (1998), Gimnasio, emanaciones de una rutina (2002) and Accidente (2004). He is the author of two children's books: El gigante Tragaceibas (2002) and El niño que quiso ser excremento (soon to be released); and the futuristic trilogy comprising Garbageland (2001), Orlán veinticinco (2003) and El masturbador, not yet published. He is also a painter and his work has been shown in the United States and various countries in Europe and Latin America.