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Josep Pedrals

A poet and rhapsodist

Josep Pedrals (Barcelona, 1979) writes poetry on various fronts: he writes books of research into the genre (novelised essays on poetics and life), is a professional reciter of poetry, explains poetry at courses and lectures, disseminates and promotes poetry in different media, has organised poetic celebrations of all kinds and frequencies, puts music to verses and verses to music, expands the theatricality of verse and includes verses in the dramaturgical works of others.

His main contributions to the field of books are Escola italiana (2003), El furgatori (2006), El romanço d’Anna Tirant (2012) and Exploradors, al poema! (2014). In the theatre field, worthy of highlight are his works Wamba va! (2005), En comptes de la lletera (2011), El furgatori (2012), Safari Pitarra (2013), Fang i setge (2016) and Els límits del Quim Porta (2018, Homo Fabra prize for the best contribution in Catalan language and Llegir en Cas d’Incendi prize for the best poetry book of the year).

His most prominent pieces in the musical field are found on the albums El motí (2007), En/doll (2007), Esquitxos ultralleugers (2009) and En helicòpter (2013).

Josep Pedrals

Update: 10 May 2019


Kosmopolis 13. Café Europa

Talk with Joana Brabo, Krzysztof Czyzewski, Juan de Diego, Eduard Escoffet, Carles Hac Mor, Josep Pedrals, Rogelio Saunders, Nermin Yildirim, Monika Zgustova and Bashkim Shehu

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