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Joost Smiers

Dr. Joost Smiers is Professor (em.) of Political Science and Research Fellow in the Arts & Economics Research Group at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Netherlands. His Arts under Pressure. Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Age of Globalisation (London, Zed Books) has been published in Spanish by Gedisa under the title Un mundo sin copyright. Artes y medios en la globalización (second edition, January 2007). The book has also been published in Serbian, Portuguese, Thai and Arabic. Translations into Chinese, Tamil, Sinhalese, Korean and Indonesian languages are under way. Together with Nina Obuljen, Joost Smiers has edited the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Making it Work (Zagreb 2006, Culturelink). He is currently preparing a book on Imagining a world without copyright (together with Marieke van Schijndel) and a book on audio and visual noise in the public space. Joost Smiers lives in Amsterdam.


Has participated in

A World Without Copyright?

The abolition of copyright and a new scenario for the production and distribution in the arts