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Jee Kast

Jee Kast, a renowned Belgian slammer, has a great capacity for adapting to all kinds of audiences, and offers performances that are always surprising. In the year 2012 he was a runner-up in the Belgium's Got Talent contest and he took part in two TED conferences, TEDxFlanders and TEDxUHasselt. In the year 2014 he gave over 80 performances, and his followers include Ray Cokes.

Kast holds a degree in Economics, but he has never worked in this area. He is currently teaching creative writing and graphic novels to teenagers and adults.

Update: 20 February 2015

Has participated in

Alice in Wonderslam: Gran Slam Barcelona

Bohdan Piasecki, Nilson Muniz, Isa García, Michael James Parker, Salva Soler, Diego Mattarucco, Kristoph Horvath, Jee Kast, Seis en raya and Set sentits. Presenter: Payaso Manchego. Dj: Dive Dibosso