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Jaume Cela

(Barcelona, 1949) is a teacher and writer, a member of the Rosa Sensat Teachers’ Association and of the Federation of Movements for Educational Renovation in Catalonia, and is presently head teacher at the Bellaterra Centre for Infant and Primary Education. He has written several books on educational outreach, including Amb veu de mestre: un epistolari sobre l'experiència docent (With a Teacher’s Voice: An Epistolary on Teaching Experience, Edicions 62, 1993), which is co-authored with Juli Palou; Calaix de mestre (A Teacher’s Miscellany, Associació Rosa Sensat, 2001); and, recently Mestres en rima lliure (Teachers in Free Verse, Associació de Mestres Rosa Sensat, 2012), co-authored with Juli Palou. In 2008 he was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi (Saint George Cross) by the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia for his contributions to education.

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