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Jara Rocha

Jara Rocha works across situated and complex forms of distribution of the technological with an NB, antifa and trans*feminist sensibility. They works in tasks of remediation, editing, action-research and in(ter)dependent curating. Jara's main areas of experimentation concern the semiotic-material conditions of infrastructural possibility for regenerative justice. With Femke Snelting they published the book Volumetric Regimes: Material Cultures of Quantified Presence (Open Humanities Press, 2022) and with Helen Pritchard they work on the projects The Underground Division and Queering Damage. With Karl Moubarak and Cristina Cochior they form the Cell for Digital Discomfort (fellowship for situated practice BAK, 2021-22). Jara is an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Technology in the Public Interest ( They lives in Barcelona, where they develops her pedagogical practice at EINA and ESCAC, and is Fellow 2023 of Infra Maintenance at Hangar / La Virreina with the project LaaS (Life as a Service). They is part of the curatorial team of La Capella and the program Naturoculturas son Disturbios, which is broadcast erratically from the local radio Dublab.

Jara Rocha

Update: 2 May 2023


Has participated in

Shu Lea Cheang and Quimera Rosa

Sade: from the perspective of art