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Isidoro Reguera

A philosopher, translator and Professor Emeritus of Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Extremadura, his academic training was distinctly German and, as a translator of Ludwig Wittgenstein and Peter Sloterdijk, he has been the most important influence in introducing these two writers in Spain. Specialising in German mysticism, he has made numerous contributions in a wide range of fields, from aesthetics, contemporary philosophy, and popularising science and technology, as well as leading major research projects in subjects like Viennese modernity in the United States and Germany. Among his best known works are La miseria de la razón (Minotauro, 1980), Ludwig Wittgenstein (Edaf, 2002), Los fantasmas de la cabaña noruega (Athenaica, 2017), and Posmodernidad, melancolia y mal (Athenaica, 2018). Besides his work as an essayist, he writes regularly as a literary critic for publications like Diario 16, ABC and El País.

Update: 27 March 2019


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