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Isabel Fernández

Director and independent producer of documentaries with a social impact.

Isabel Fernández (Barcelona, 1970) is a director and independent producer of documentaries who focuses on exploring digital narratives and interactive audiovisuals, with the aim of producing projects with the potential for making a social impact. She has been a member of the Eurovision Diversity Group, directing documentary series broadcast on TV3, NTR (Netherlands), VTR (Belgium), SVT (Sweden), YLE (Finland) and RTP (Portugal), among others. In the year 2010 she directed and produced El fill de son pare, which earned a Special Mention by the Jury at the Prix Europa 2010 in Berlin. In 2014 she directed Corredors de Fons, winning Best Director at  the Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, Best Script at Europe-Orient du Filme Documentaire in Asilah and nominated for the Prix Europa in Berlin.

In the year 2013 she founded production company Al Pati, from where she drives the development of innovative documentary projects that unite narration with technology, play, and interaction geared towards social change. With Televisió de Catalunya she produced the interactive documentary Orgull de Baix, which premiered in November 2016.

Update: 1 April 2017

Has participated in

Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest