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Isa García

Isa García (Almería, 1986) studied Contemporary History and Social and Cultural Anthropology. She has been writing since she can remember, always in prose, but just over a year ago she started experimenting with poetry as a necessary weapon of communication. She currently lives in Barcelona, where she is involved in shows and collaborations, not just in the field of poetry (“Negro sobre Blanco”) but also in music and theatre (Set Sentits).

She first attended the Poetry Slam in Barcelona in November 2013, and decided to take part the following month. Since then, she has become a regular on the stages at Slham Poetry L’Hospitalet, Santako Poetry Slam, Llobregat Slam Poetry and, of course, Poetry Slam Barcelona.

She knows there are not enough hours in the day to write all she’d like, so she goes everywhere with her black notebook, and wakes up at night with a head full of phrases. To avoid chaos, she commits lots of her writings, thoughts and feelings to

Update: 20 February 2015

Has participated in

Alice in Wonderslam: Gran Slam Barcelona

Bohdan Piasecki, Nilson Muniz, Isa García, Michael James Parker, Salva Soler, Diego Mattarucco, Kristoph Horvath, Jee Kast, Seis en raya and Set sentits. Presenter: Payaso Manchego. Dj: Dive Dibosso