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Ingo Niermann

Ingo Niermann (Bielefeld, Germany, 1969) lives in Berlin and Basel. He is a writer and editor of the book series Solution. His debut novel Der Effekt was published in 2001. Recent books include Solution 247-261: Love (2013), Choose Drill (2011), The Future of Art: A Manual (2011, with Erik Niedling), Solution 186–195: Dubai Democracy (2010), Solution 1–10: Umbauland (2009), Solution 9: The Great Pyramid (with Jens Thiel, 2008), and The Curious World of Drugs and Their Friends (with Adriano Sack, 2008). Niermann co-founded the revolutionary collective Redesigndeutschland, and has invented a tomb for everyone, the Great Pyramid. Together with Rem Koolhaas he has been building Vote, a tool for public ballots, in Gwangju, Korea. In cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin) Niermann started the international digital publishing project Fiktion.

Update: 22 March 2015



Has participated in

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