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Iain Sinclair

Writer and film-maker

He studied at Trinity College, Dublin, the Courtauld Institute of Art, and the London School of Film Technique (now London Film School). His work explores the city of London through the practice of psychogeography, interweaving its places, histories and legends with the emotions and behaviors that coexist there. His first works were poetry, much of it published by his own independent publisher, Albiol Village Press. Today, his extensive bibliography includes such classics as  Lights out for the Territory: Nine Excursions in the Secret History of London (Granta Books, 1998), London Orbital: A Walk around the M25 (Penguin UK, 2003) and Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire: A Confidential Report (Penguin, 2010 – winner of the Ondaatje Prize).

Update: 28 November 2016



Has participated in

The Last London: A City Abolished

Lecture by Iain Sinclair

The Disappeared City

Lecture by Iain Sinclair