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Hélé Béji

Writer and president of the International College of Tunis.

(Tunisia, 1948). A writer and president of the International College of Tunis, which she founded in 1998 with a view to fostering debate on present-day political and cultural realities, she was formerly a lecturer in Literature at the University of Tunisia and an adviser to UNESCO. She writes regularly for the reviews Le Débat and Esprit, and has written widely on the processes of decolonisation and the situation today in Arab countries. Her most recent publications are Nous, décolonisés (Arléa, 2008) and Islam pride. Derrière le voile (Gallimard 2011).

International College of Tunis

Update: 3 May 2011


Has participated in

The Democratic Imaginary in the Era of Globalization

XXIII Conference of the Academy of Latinity