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Haonan He


Haonan He was born in the Yunnan region of China. He earned his masters degree in Art, Technology, Digitalization and Creation at EUR ArTeC-Paris in 2022. He is currently part of the post-diploma art programme of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon (EnsBA Lyon). His interdisciplinary multimedia work is based on investigation-creation, cartography, installation and video poetry. His research takes place in the field of colonial mechanisms of self-exploitation of poppy-derived drugs in the history of the Yunnan-Golden Triangle region, experimenting with different protocols of artistic exploration. He studies the Mandala-Cyberspace cosmology from a decolonial perspective in order to revisit the role of Buddhism in the creation of digital technologies in the 20th century. He has created a methodology of divinatory cartography that he named Geo-divination. He uses this subjective cartography as a tool to capture and visualize objects that are difficult to apprehend using conventional cartography (hyperobjects). In this way, he combines artistic creation with the attempt to predict future developments of objects conceived as post-art manifestations. 

Update: 31 January 2023