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Gina Birch and Ana Da Silva (The Raincoats)

The Raincoats is a female post-punk band formed in 1977 by Ana Da Silva and Gina Birch. Alongside groups like The Slits, Delta 5 and Essential Logic, their (vast) influence has touched Nirvana, Sonic Youth and the riot grrrl movement. Producers of an eminently non-rock sound, The Raincoats have always incorporated dub, Robert Wyatt, funk, screeching violins and African rhythms into their music, as shown in the advanced albums The Raincoats (1979), Odyshape (1981) and Moving (1993). Belligerent believers in do-it-yourself, self-sufficiency and rejection of a stagnant rock music tradition, the band continues giving shows that include performances and reading of texts in the first person.

Update: 8 April 2013


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2013

Autobiographic live sessions: pop music concerts, stand-up comedy, theatre and narrative