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Garance Maurer

Independent designer and transdisciplinary artist

Garance Maurer (she/her) is a French independent designer and transdisciplinary artist, specializing in textiles. At the intersection of several fields, she combines fieldwork with the creation of materials, colours, universes, shapes and stories. Transposing the principles of textile construction to the scale of objects, spaces and narratives, she researches the forms of living, creating projects in which processes and encounters matter as much as the final form. 

She has a master’s degree in textile design from ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Paris). She has worked in various sectors, from craft to industry, from design to architecture, and from artistic research to collective activism. She has been invited to take part in artistic residencies in Mexico (Alliances Françaises), the French Alps (L’envers des pentes), Corsica (Fabbrica Design), and soon in Hungary (Balatorium, European Capital of Culture). Her work has been exhibited at Villa Cavrois, Musée dauphinois, Centre d’Art La Halle and Biblioteca Vasconcelos, among others. A firmly situated practice leads her to work and live in different spaces, between Berlin and France. Tending to cultivate alterity, collective practice and community knowledge, she is involved in several spatial, urban and performative practices. She is co-founder of Collectif Trouble and an active member of Floating University Berlin. 

Update: 31 January 2023