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Gao Xingjian

Writer. Nobel Prize in Literature 2000

Ganzhou, China, 1940

Novelist, poet, playwright and painter. Like a renaissance artist, Gao Xingjian concentrates his work through different disciplines, where he investigates diverse forms of personal expression by mixing techniques, styles and genres. He has written plays, essays about art and novels. In 1987, he left China and currently lives as a political refugee in China.

Within his bibliography can be found an extensive list of plays, including: Signal d'alarme (1982), Arrêt de bus (1983), L'homme sauvage (1985), La fuite (1989) and Le somnambule (1993, Belgium Community in France Prize, 1994); and, above all, novels like, Una caña de pescar para el abuelo (1988), La montaña del alma (1990) and El libro de un hombre solo (1998). He has also published a number of essays on art and literature, including En torno a la Literatura (2003), Por otra estética (2004) and Contra los Ismos (2007).

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