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Frau Diamanda

Frau Diamanda/Héctor Acuña is a translator, writer and transvestite audiovisual artist, as well as a musician, drag performer, independent curator, cultural infector, DJ and occasional actor. Diamanda is specialised in transgender art and multimedia performance, and has collaborated as a performer and video artist with various international art and cultural centres, such as the Hemispheric Institute in New York, the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid and the Spanish Cultural Centre in Lima, Peru. In 2020, Diamanda published Escenas catalanas. Errancias antropológico-sexuales (La Máquina, 2020), a pseudo-autobiographical story and multimedia project on the experience of cruising in Barcelona, as perceived from the combined experience of a transvestite and a migrant. Diamanda’s artistic and activist production is also expressed through photography, video and electronic music.

Update: 25 April 2023

Has participated in

Politics of Respectability

With Frau Diamanda, Valentina Berr and Janet Mérida