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Flor Ebendeng

Singer and dancer

Flor Ebendeng is a singer and dancer who was born in Equatorial Guinea and now lives in Vitoria-Gasteiz. For more than sixteen years she has been working in live music. In 2018 she released the first album of her own songs, which are notable for mixing the folklore of her native Fang culture with influences of Spanish pop, Afrobeat, and rumba. As a dancer, she has appeared in several videoclips, and she has also worked as a teacher of traditional dance from Burkina Faso and Afrobeat. She has performed in Africa culture festivals in the Basque Country, Cameroon, and the south of France. In 2019 she received the “Meilleur Artiste Africain” awards in the French Diaspocam prizes.

Update: 1 September 2022


Has participated in

Dancing with Memory

An audiovisual performance by the artist Nzé Ramón Esono Ebalé