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Fina Miralles

A Catalan plastic artist trained in Fine Arts, Fina Miralles Nobell has worked with all kinds of media from painting through to conceptual art and her wide-ranging career has been recognised in both national and international spheres. Director of the Sala Vinçon in Barcelona and Sala Tres in Sabadell, among other such centres, she was an important figure in Catalan conceptual art in the 1970s, especially with works in which, representing nature with land art projects in Catalonia, she criticised totalitarianism, the patriarchy, and violence by setting up a dialogue between nature and artifice. Notable among these works are Duna (Dune, 1973) and Dona-arbre (Woman-Tree, 1973) as well as the exhibitions “Translacions” (Translations, 1977) and “Terra” (Land, 1981). Meanwhile, she also took part in the Paris and Venice Biennales (1978) and was one of the founders of Espai 10—now Espai 13—at the Joan Miró Foundation. Her many travels around the world, and especially to Latin America, have been essential in her development as an artist. Her work has been exhibited in several museums, among them the Reina Sofia National Art Museum, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), and the Sabadell Art Museum. In 2018 she was awarded the National Prize for Visual Arts, one of the National Prizes for Culture of the National Council for Culture and the Arts.

Update: 17 June 2019