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Fernando Iwasaki

A fiction writer, essayist, critic and historian

(Lima, 1961). A fiction writer, essayist, critic and historian, he has published the novels Neguijón (2005) and Libro de mal amor (2001); the essays rePUBLICANOS (2008), Mi poncho es un kimono flamenco (2005) and El Descubrimiento de España (1996); the collected articles which appeared in La caja de pan duro (2000), and the short story collections España, aparta de mí estos premios (2009) y Helarte de amar (2006), among more than twenty titles. He writes as a columnist for the newspaper ABC, and he is also director of the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco.

Update: 28 October 2010

Has participated in

Chronicles from Overseas

200 Years of Latin American Independence