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Felipe G. Gil

Researcher and manager of audiovisual projects and new narratives, specialising in expanded education.

Felipe F. Gil has Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Seville, post-graduate studies in Online Education from UNED, and a Certificate of Educational Competency from the ICE, University of Seville. He has been part of the ZEMOS98 Festival since 2000, and in 2004 he co-founded ZEMOS98 Creative and Cultural Management, where he has coordinated the Web, Communication, Audiovisual and Coordination departments. He currently coordinates the research team for the project on new narrative forms, and manages audiovisual projects. He participated in TEDxUMP with the lecture “Remix as Expanded Education”.

Update: 7 February 2018



Anna Pacheco, Efraín Foglia, Felipe G. Gil, Irene Solà, Jorge Carrión, Libby Heaney, Liliana Arroyo, Maria Callís Cabrera, Taller Estampa

Has participated in

Memefest 2018

The online digital folklore and humour festival