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Felip Martí-Jufresa

Felip Martí-Jufresa is a philosopher and lectures at the Institut Supérieur des Arts in Toulouse (ISDAT). He has published the books Música desconcertada (Disconcerted Music, Lleonard Muntaner, Mallorca, 2009), La possibilité d’une musique moderne. Logique de la modernité et composition musicale (The Possibility of Modern Music: The Logic of Modernity and Musical Composition – Nous, les sans-philosophie collection, L’Harmattan, Paris, 2012), and Vigir i badar. Ontologia de la dominació i anarquisme metafísic (Being in Force and Inattentive: Ontology of Domination and Metaphysical Anarchism, forthcoming, 2015).

Update: 25 November 2014


Has participated in

Pleasure and Pain: A Philosophy of Drugs

Opening lecture by Giulia Sissa

Why do we work?

Lecture by Yann Moulier-Boutang and Cristina Carrasco

Beyond Identity

Lecture by Vicent Descombes and Daniel Weinstock