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Fabien Siouffi

Editor of Fabbula and expert in virtual reality

Founder and editor of the magazine Fabbula, a platform that offers a voice for artists and creative professionals working with the immersive reality media, he has curated many installations that have been shown in such venues as the VR Arles Festival, a pioneer event for the diffusion of artistic creations produced on the basis of virtual reality. He is also involved with the interdisciplinary project Dingdongding in which artists, thinkers, and scientists, including the philosophers Vinciane Despret and Isabelle Stengers, share their knowledge in order to create new narratives about Huntington’s disease. His relationships with artists and thinkers have given rise to creative projects including the documentary Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival (Dir. Fabrizio Terranova, 2016) and, with Vinciane Despret, the performance Fonocè premiered at the Open City Thinking Biennale. Before specialising in virtual reality, he was an international executive in the field of technology and entertainment. He has recently coordinated the content of the piece Camille et Ulysse (2021), co-produced by the CCCB and the Georges Pompidou Center, which was specially commissioned for the exhibition "Science Friction".

Update: 9 June 2021

Has participated in

Screening of "Camille & Ulysse", by Diana Toucedo

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