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Eva von Redecker

Eva von Redecker is a critical theorist and feminist philosopher. She is a researcher at the PoliTeSse Research Centre at the University of Verona and a committee member for the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs (ICCTP), an international research network on critical theory. Before that, she worked at Humboldt University of Berlin, where she was associated with the Centre for Humanities and Social Change. She has studied philosophy, history and literature at the universities of Kiel, Tübingen, Cambridge and Potsdam, and has taught at Goethe University in Frankfurt and the New School of Social Research, among others. Her current research is focused on understanding how modern forms of domination and destructiveness depend on the logics of property, and in her previous work she has also addressed issues of social psychology, sexuality, and normativity. She is the author of a comprehensive introduction to the work of Judith Butler, as well as a monograph on the moral philosophy of Hannah Arendt. In her book Praxis und Revolution (published in English by Columbia University Press, 2021), she explores social change using examples from theory and literature to shape a new concept of revolution. Her book Revolution für das Leben (“Revolution for Life”, S. Fischer, 2020), addressed to the general public, was hailed by critics as “the new Bible of intellectual resistance”.

Update: 22 April 2022


Has participated in

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