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Esther Solé Alarcón

Artist, dancer and researcher

Esther Soler is a graduate in Art and Design from the Escola Massana and continues her training in Dance Pedagogy (Institut del Teatre). Her interests centre on the power of the live arts, collaborative methodologies and dance studies. In her last project, Gracias por estar, presented in the framework of the group show Llama y Vamos (Halfhouse, 2021) and Festival Stripart (Centre Cívic Guinardó, 2022), she worked with responsive devices that catalyse, deploy and articulate learning—embodied experiences—in relation, in process and in context. She developed a residency-body experimentation laboratory with the group lxsquecorrenporahí at Fabra i Coats (2019-2020) and is involved with La Capella in the co-creation of the activity programme Cicle Catenària (2022). She currently channels her interests through performative research and the arts from an indisciplinary perspective, and, more specifically, is immersed in research into the politicization of grief, with a residency at Fabra i Coats (2023).  

Update: 31 January 2023