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Ernesto Casero


A graduate in fine art from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Ernesto Casero (1977) has been focusing in his work in recent years on issues related to verisimilitude and truth, the history of biology and the depiction of nature in art and science.

His latest work consists primarily of drawings on paper, in which he imitates the representational codes of the scientific image, and of small plasticine sculptures, though he also uses other media such as video, photography and installation art. He employs the points of intersection and friction between artistic and scientific images, as well as the permeability of expressive media, as strategies to structure an aesthetic discourse on the arbitrary nature of the history of science.

He has shown work in galleries in Mexico, France and Spain and has participated in a number of international fairs in London, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon. Participates in the exhibition "Science Friction" with the pictures The Posthuman Protest, 2018-2019.

Update: 21 May 2021

Has participated in

Science Friction

Living Among Companion Species