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Elisenda Solsona


Born in Olesa de Montserrat, Elisenda Solsona is a writer and high school teacher. She holds a degree in Humanities from Pompeu Fabra University and a degree in Audio-visual Communication from the University of Barcelona. She earned a Master’s degree in Film Writing from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has also taken several writing courses at the Sala Beckett Workshop and the Ateneu Barcelonès Writing School. Her work has been published in the anthologies Passió pel conte (Voliana Edicions, 2018) and Contes per al (des)confinament (Males Herbes, 2020), and she has collaborated on musical, audio-visual and theatrical projects. She has published the collection of poetic micro-stories Cirurgies (Voliana Edicions, 2016) and the collection of science fiction and horror stories Satèl·lits (Males Herbes, 2019). Of particular note is the story “Engranatges”, selected for the anthology The Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories (Valancourt, 2020).

Update: 19 June 2021