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Egidio d'Angelo

Egidio d’Angelo is Full Professor of Physiology and head of the Università degli Studi di Pavia (UNIPV) unit of the Human Brain Project of the EU. At UNIPV, Egidio coordinates the PhD in Biomedical Sciences, is co-chair of the Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences and is member of the IRRCS Mondino. He teaches Human Physiology (Neurology, Pharmacy), Advanced System Neurophysiology (Neurobiology) and Neuroscience (Interfaculty). Egidio is director of the International Erice School “Brain Cells and Circuits: Camillo Golgi”. He also coordinates brain research at the international level, spanning from neurophysiology to neurotechnology and medicine, and has coordinated 9 European projects and several National projects. He has worked on the development and application of experimental and computational techniques to neuroscience. Egidio is core partner and co-director in the European flagship Human Brain Project, aimed at bridging cellular molecular research with integrative neuroscience through computational models and advanced ICT technologies.

Update: 4 July 2022


Has participated in

Human Brain Project

A cartography of the brain