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Collective working in artistic research and mediation

DU-DA is a collective that raises questions concerning traditional lifestyles and imagines possible alternatives for the present and the future from a perspective of critical awareness. Currently, there are various projects of artistic research and mediation underway: Morir guay, a series of counter-hegemonic tales about death; Hera, a methodology for circular learning; Médiums, an exploration about the invisible; Puaj!, a laboratory of living cultures; Pan Duro, where cooking together is a party; Derivas, an accompaniment of a group of young women moving about the city; Marti Culiz, the publisher of spontaneous editions; La Segunda Duna, a caravan for sojourns in the forest; and last but not least, Puntería y cariño. Recently, Du-Da received the Barcelona Producció grant (2021), the UNZIP grant for Art and Education (2020) and the research grant La Escocesa (2020). In addition, DU-DA has collaborated with cultural institutions such as Graner, Hangar, Centro LGTB, Can Felipa (Barcelona) and Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture (Donostia).

Update: 1 June 2021