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D'bi.young Anitafrika


D’bi.young Anitafrika is an afrikan-jamaican dubpoet, monodramatist and educator who is internationally recognized for being a visionary, an innovator and a leader in the development of arts education. She is the published author of two collections of poetry, six plays and six dubpoetry albums. Her profound new creative-performance methodology, called the sorplusi method, is making shock waves through the global arts community as a radical paradigm shift in artist training and practice. She has worked with theatre companies, universities, cultural organizations, social institutions and individual artists across North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. In 2008 she founded anitafrika! dub theatre in Toronto Canada and proceeded to design and facilitate two twelve-month free national residencies for emerging artists; instructing them in her biomyth monodrama model and assisting them in formulating their own solo performance shows. Her own monodrama trilogy sankofa, featuring the plays blood.claat, benu, and word! sound! powah! toured extensively in 2010; playing to critical acclaim and garnering awards in Canada, Jamaica, England and South Africa; and is due to be published in 2011.

She currently resides in Cape Town with her two sons, Moon and Phoenix.