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Dai Jinhua

Professor at Peking University

Professor at Peking University, Dai Jinhua 戴锦华 is also a critic and researcher in the fields of Chinese culture, popular mass culture and gender studies. She is a pioneer in the study and theorisation of feminism in China and in cultural studies. She has had fellowships and taught and lectured at numerous universities in China and other countries. In 1997, she set up the first comparative literature research centre in China. She has been director of the Cinema and Cultural Research Centre at her university since 2008. She has published sixteen books and some one hundred academic articles. Her books include 《镜城突围》 (Breaking Out of the Mirror City; Beijing, China National Press, 1995); 《隐形书写–90年代中国文化研究》 (Invisible Writing: Cultural Studies in China in the 1990s; Nanjing: Jiangsu People’s Press, 1999), and, translated into English, Cinema and Desire: Feminist Marxism and Cultural Politics in the Work of Dai Jinhua (Verso, 1999) and After the Post-Cold War: The Future of Chinese History (Duke University Press, 2018).

Update: 25 March 2019


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