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Cristina Morales


After studying Law and Political Science at the University of Granada, she has set out on a literary career in which she has received many awards and great acclaim to become one of Spain’s most original and transgressive writers in the domain of fiction. In her novels, which are outstanding for their stylistic and formal wordplay, she dissects the functioning of structures of power—for example, the church, patriarchy, or the state—and focuses on both the violence they generate and the possibilities for rebelling against them. She made her literary debut with Los combatientes (Caballo de Troya, 2013; Anagrama, 2020), winner of the INJUVE Prize for Fiction, while her novel Lectura fàcil (Anagrama, 2018), winner of the Herralde Prize for the Novel and the National Literature Award for Narrative, has been acclaimed by critics and readers alike. Some of her early novels have started to be reissued in 2020, among them Introducción a Teresa de Jesús (Anagrama, 2020) which, following the death of the writer Juan Marsé, has appeared in a commemorative edition titled Últimas tardes con Teresa de Jesús (referring to Marsé’s famous book Últimas tardes con Teresa). In addition to her literary career, she is also a member of the contemporary dance company Iniciativa Sexual Femenina.

Update: 28 September 2020


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City, Conflict and Emancipation