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Clàudia Rius


A graduate in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), and with a master’s degree in Comparative Studies of Literature, Art, and Thought from the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), she is a journalist and has been contents editor for the digital cultural publication Núvol where, since 2017, she has been editorial head of the Art section, “Galeries”. Together with Juliana Canet, Bru Esteve, and Arnau Rius, she has initiated the audiovisual project Malaia, a channel promoting content creation in Catalan for YouTube and Instagram. She is also one of the creators of “Gent de Merda”, a podcast aiming at intergenerational entertainment. She is a member of the jury for the Mercè Rodoreda Prize for stories and fiction, and also of that for the City of Barcelona Prize. Moreover, she works as an editor and for publications and institutions in the artistic and cultural domains. She has curated film cycles for international festivals like Curtocircuíto and gives talks on experimental cinema and electronic art.

Update: 28 September 2020


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