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Cia. Olveira Salcedo

Olveira Salcedo is a shadow theatre company set up in Barcelona in 2009 by puppeteers Olga Olveira and Juvenal Salcedo. Olga Olveira is also an illustrator, and Juvenal Salcedo is an architect. They design and construct puppets, lights, sets, inventions and other mechanisms for their shows. Also collaborating in production are Virgínia Olveira as actor and stage director and dramaturgy advisor, Jaume Tugores as musician and composer, and Juan Carlos Mora as technician.

Their shows and workshops aim to explore and work with the aesthetic, technical, expressive and narrative possibilities of shadow theatre.

Another facet of their work is to explain to society the role of the artist who is close to the audience and has little in common with the idea of a solely mediatic figure. All this to create interest, generate knowledge about their discipline, help to educate citizens and, in the long run, inspire and motivate with a view to creating new publics and generating future artists.

Update: 29 April 2020


Has participated in

Culturnautes 2020

The CCCB’s summer day camp