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Chill Mafia

Music band

Chill Mafia are much more than a collective. They’re a gang of friends from Pamplona made up of producers, singers, DJs, MCs, designers and graffiti artists who’ve turned the Basque scene on its head ever since their single “Gazte Arruntaren Koplak” went viral.

The mafia exists in the form of these young people from different barrios of the Navarran capital who, after being part of a few Sound Systems, created a cultural movement through organising DJ sets, parties and musical events. That’s where the idea of producing their own music came from, eventually giving rise to what we know as Chill Mafia.

The group brings together influences that range from 80s punk to reggae, dub, reggaeton, hip-hop and, of course, traditional Basque songs. At Chill Mafia Records, anything goes: from Black and Latin American music to the versioning of classic tunes. A neighbourhood collective that mixes the urban with the rural. Rural trap perhaps? Maybe that’s why in their videos, tracksuits and txapelas go together so well, and marmitako is combined with cans of beer (and txorizo, of course).

Has participated in

Subsol #2/2022

Chill Mafia + El Jueves it's no longer what it was + Saïm