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Chefa Alonso

Chefa Alonso plays the soprano saxophone and small percussion, and with these instruments has performed at international festivals of free jazz and free improvisation in Germany, Rumania, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, England and Brazil. She also works teaching improvisation and in the management of improvisers’ orchestras.

She has composed music for over a dozen works in theatre, dance and video, and she maintains three stable groups: Sin Red, a poetry and improvised music quartet, with which she has released two albums, Sin Red and Aguacero; Uz, a trio of jazz wind instruments with which she has published Tres tubos; and a duo with Albert Kaul, pianist and clavichordist from Marburg, Germany, with whom she has recently published two CDs: El ojo del huracán and El azar fiable.

She is a doctor in free improvisation and composition from Brunel University (London, 2007) and has published the book Improvisación libre. La composición en movimiento (Editorial Dos Acordes, 2008).

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