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Catalina Martin-Chico


Born in Madrid but Parisian by adoption, the photographer Catalina Martin-Chico studied at the International Center of Photography in New York. She has worked in the Middle East and especially in Yemen, a country she documented over eight years. This work was recognised with the ICRC Visa d’Or Award at the Visa Pour l’Image International Festival of Photojournalism in 2011. In 2017 she presented the first results of her work with former FARC guerrilla fighters in Colombia at the same festival and received the Canon Female Photojournalist Award, which then allowed her to continue with further work in this project. She has also worked on a regular basis with many French publications including GEO, Le Monde, ELLE, Le Figaro and VSD, as well as with The New York Times, Sunday Times, and Der Spiegel, among others.

Update: 26 April 2019

Has participated in

Living after war: Colombia, when the conflict no longer makes the news

Panel discussion with Catalina Martin-Chico and Lula Gómez