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Casa Antillón

Art, architecture and design collective.

Founded in Madrid in 2019, Casa Antillón is made up of Marta Ochoa, Ismael López, Emmanuel Álvarez and Yosi Negrín, four architects (ETSAM, UPM) who explore various cultural territories, understanding the construction of space in terms of experimentation with the exhibition, the social event and the curatorship of emerging art. Their most recent exhibitions are Piso Piloto de Arte Emergente (2019);  SOLO100SHOW (2019) at Casabanchel; Edén (2020) at Casa de Campo, and Domestic Fictions (2021) at the Casa de la Moneda in Segovia. As an architecture and design practice, they have created an iconic collection of furniture, Domestic Fictions, and designed their first architecture project, MOOD Hair Salon, in 2021.

Update: 25 January 2022

Has participated in

Domestic Fictions

Workshop about virtualized domestic space, with Casa Antillón