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Brian Eno

Music, composer, producer, writer and visual artist

 One of the most influential and innovative personalities in contemporary music and is also outstanding for his work in the realms of multimedia art, activism and ideas. As a composer, his eclectic sensibilities and a fecund interest in new technologies have made him a pioneer in fields like electronic and ambient music, and generative music styles based on randomised combinations. He has worked with others as an instrumentalist, advisor or producer and has had a far-reaching influence on several first-rate musicians and groups, including Talking Heads, U2, David Bowie, Coldplay, Grace Jones and James Blake, as well as avant-garde artists like Laraaji and Harold Budd. He has also worked on several experimental multimedia projects, has popularised the concept of sound installations and has invented the “video paintings” genre.

In 1996, he was one of the founders of the Long Now Foundation, which promotes reflection about the long-term future of society. Brian Eno has supported many political causes, as evidenced by his statements in favour of basic income and his election, in August 2016, as a member of the Coordinating Collective of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25).

Update: 25 January 2017


Has participated in

Brian Eno and Evgeny Morozov

A Conversation about Technology and Democracy