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Åsa Wikforss

Professor of theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University

Professor of theoretical philosophy at Stockholm University. She does research in the intersection of philosophy of mind, language and epistemology and has published widely on a variety of topics in the area. She is a member of several international research networks and research councils and was recently elected to the Swedish Royal Academy of Science. In September 2017 she published Alternativa fakta. Om kunskapen och dess fiender (Alternative facts. On knowledge and its enemies), a book that has had a great impact in Sweden. During the last year she has had over a hundred public appearances, speaking about knowledge and knowledge-resistance, in Sweden and beyond. In particular, she has recently worked on the topic of the “extended mind”, that stresses the importance of interactions with our environment and the way they influence the shaping of our beliefs. She participates frequently in the public debate in Sweden, both in print and on TV and radio.


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