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Arnaud Sauli

A historian and filmmaker, his research work in the domain of history has been concerned with colonial India and the British Army’s practices there of isolation and criminalisation. In recent years he has become linked with the film world, where he premiered the documentary feature film L’Enfance d’Aharon (Dublin Films, 2017) about the writer Aharon Appelfeld. In this film Sauli shows the intimacy of Appelfeld’s creative gesture which, book after book, became a work of historical memory of the Shoah. The film received an Étoile de la Scam award in 2017. His film career includes other documentaries reflecting on the representation in memory of the Holocaust and other genocides. He is also a member of the production company Les Films de l’Imprudence. He is currently working in the documentary Et la terre s’ouvrit une dernière fois, about the Sobibor extermination camp.

Update: 19 December 2019

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