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Ariella Azoulay

Director of the international research group Photo-Lexic and of Photo-Lab, at the Minerva Humanities Center of the University of Tel Aviv.

She was curator of the photographic exhibition Act of State 1967-2007 (2010), a critical history of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. In the ensuing controversy, her contract at the Bar Ilan University where she taught Visual Culture and Contemporary Philosophy was not renewed. She has been a visiting lecturer at Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut (United States) and is presently a researcher at the Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies at the University of Durham (United Kingdom). She also has experience as a film director and scriptwriter (At Nightfall, 2005) and has been the curator of several exhibitions, besides participating in numerous courses and symposia. She is author of the books A Photographic Record of Destruction and State Formation, 1947-1950 (2011), The Civil Contract of Photography (2008), Once Upon A Time: Photography Following Walter Benjamin (2006), among others.

Update: 16 May 2011

Has participated in

The Itinerant Languages of Photography