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Antoine Bertin

Sound and experimental artist

A graduate in sound engineering from the ENS Louis Lumière and in Sound Art from The London College of Communication, the French artist Bertin explores the limits between the documentary and fiction, poetry and politics, and the organic and the artificial. His works create immersive experiences in which sound spaces are combined with interactive stories. He also carries out research into the intersections between science and sensorial immersion, recording and the creation of sound stories, data analysis, and musical composition. His work has been presented at the Tate Britain, the Palais in Tokyo, the Serpentine Gallery, Sonar+D, and many other venues. He regularly produces the programme “The Edge of the Forest” for NTS Radio (London) and is editor of the online magazine Soundry, which invites creative contributors from all kinds of disciplines to work in new projects and generate debate about music and sound among artists, designers and engineers.

Update: 28 September 2020

Has participated in

The Planet's Voices