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Anna Maria Guasch

Anna Maria Guasch is Professor of History of Art at the University of Barcelona and an art critic. Her research is concerned with the creative processes of international art in the second half of the twentieth century. Notable among her publications are El arte del siglo XX en sus exposiciones: 1945-1995 (Twentieth Century Art in Its Exhibitions: 1945 – 1995) – 1997); Los manifiestos del arte posmoderno. Textos de exposiciones 1980-1995 (The Manifestos of Postmodern Art: Exhibition Texts 1980-1995 – 2000); El arte último del siglo XX. Del posminimalismo a lo multicultural: 1968-1995 (The Last Art of the Twentieth Century: From Postminimalism to the Multicultural (1968-1995) – 2000); La crítica dialogada. Entrevistas sobre arte y pensamiento contemporáneo (Criticism in Dialogue: Interviews on Art and Contemporary Thought – 2006); Oteiza. Escultura dinámica (Oteiza: Dynamic Sculpture – 2008); and Autobiografías visuales. Del archivo al índice (Visual Autobiographies: From Archive to Index – 2009). She also co-authored (with Joseba Zulaika) the book Learning from the Bilbao Guggenheim (2005). Her most recent book is Arte y Archivo 1920-2010.Genealogías, tipologías y discontinuidades (Art and Archive 1920 – 2010: Genealogies, Typologies and Discontinuities –Akal, 2011). She has been a visiting fellow at the following universities: Princeton, Yale, Columbia, San Diego (California), Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Mexico City, Monterrey, Havana and Caracas. From 2002 – 2003 she was a visiting scholar at the Getty Research Institute of Los Angeles. She is presently director of a research project on the relationship between art and globalisation at the University of Barcelona and is also a member of research teams in international projects of the Visual Culture Studies in Europe (VCE/Network), Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA), and the study Arte/Archivos: América Latina y otras geografías (Art/Archives: Latin America and Beyond) of the University of Austin, Texas). She was curator of the exhibition La Memoria del Otro (The Memory of the Other), which was shown in Bogota, 2009, Santiago de Chile, 2010 and Havana, 2011). She is also director of the project Travesías Culturales. Canarias en el Eje Atlántico (Cultural Crossings: The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Axis) and the Global Art Archive project.

Update: 19 November 2012

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