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Angela Melitopoulos

Angela Melitopoulos is an internationally renowned artist who realizes experimental media art pieces since 1985. She holds a Ph.D. in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths University in London and was professor in the Media School of the Royal Danish Academy of Fines Arts in Copenhagen. She creates cine(so)matic essays. Her methodology is foregrounding her interest in mnemopolitics, time, geography and collective memory in relation to electronic/digital media and documentation. She reflects non-linear montage technics and debates mobility in relation to perception. She works on time-based mnemonic narratives and performs the relation between archive and story-telling in expanded cinema lectures. Her theoretical, conceptual, essayist approaches result in multiscreen installations that are shown in many international museums worldwide. Her collaborations with philosopher Maurizio Lazzarato refer to the concept of the machinic animism within our subjectivities. Her recent project Matri Linear B – Surfacing Earth was shown in the Gwangju Biennial (2021). At the CAAC Seville (2019) she realized a solo exhibition called cine(so)matic cartographies. Her video installation Crossings was shown at the documenta14 (2017).

Update: 16 March 2022


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