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Andrés Antebi Arnó

Andrés Antebi Arnó is an urban anthropologist and documentalist. Since 1999 he has coordinated the Observatory of Everyday Life (OVQ), a Barcelona-based interdisciplinary organisation which works to achieve a confluence of social research and the graphic and visual arts. He has taught Urban and Visual Ethnography at Elisava (Pompeo Fabra University of Barcelona) and is a member of GRECS (Research Group on Exclusion and Social Control) at the University of Barcelona. In the area of decolonisation, he has been co-director since 2015 of the research/action project Barcelona, metròpoli colonial (Barcelona, Colonial Metropolis) whose work so far on the city’s colonial ties with Africa has been formalised in seminars, exhibitions, and publications including Ikunde. Barcelona, metrópoli colonial and Ifni, la mili africana de los catalanes (Ifni, the African Military Service of Catalans). In this area he works with several international projects like the international university project of the SIT Foundation Cities in the 21st Century, and the Latitude network of the Goethe Institute which promotes worldwide exchange of knowledge on colonial power relations and their present-day repercussions.

Update: 3 February 2021


Has participated in

New Perspectives on Colonial Memory