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Andrei Kureichik

Belarusian screenwriter, playwright and director exiled in Helsinki. His task of denouncing the abuses of power and the constant violation of human rights in his country has made him a name of reference in the defense of democracy and fundamental rights. In 2020 he received, together with the other members of the Coordination Council of Belarus (CCB), which was supposed to ensure compliance with the democratic guarantees of the 2020 elections, the Sakharov Prize for freedom of conscience awarded by the European Parliament. In the field of creation, he has made 27 feature films and more than twenty plays that have been seen on stages around the world, including the documentary play Voices of the New Belarus, in which he collects real testimonies of the repression and political persecution experienced in the country under the Lukashenko regime after the fraudulent elections of 2020. He also has other works on the protests experienced in the country in this same context, such as Insulted. Belarus., translated into more than 20 languages and performed in the United States, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Ukraine, among others.

Update: 4 April 2022


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Andrei Kureichik

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