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Andrea Lucio

An illustrator and comics artist, Andrea Lucio was born in Buenos Aires and has a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. After publishing Iaioflautas (De Barris, 2012), she has continued illustrating social chronicles in comic form. These include Un regalo para Kushbu. Historias que cruzan fronteras (by several authors, Astiberri, 2017) and, more recently, Homenatge a Catalunya (Rosa dels vents, 2019), a graphic adaptation of George Orwell’s celebrated essay on the Spanish Civil War, which she co-authored with Jordi de Miguel. Her work as an illustrator, artist and 2D animator has appeared in national and international publications, including Journalism Grants, New Internationalist, The Hindu, Surreal Comics, Pikara Magazine, Dossier Crític, and La Directa.

Update: 13 May 2019


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